About Haji Shah Muhammad Afridi  

Haji Muhammad Shah father’s give 20 Acker earth gift to Government of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan divided this earth into two plans one for build 500 shop Market and Second Parking Area in 10, 10 Acker.

The Government of Pakistan builds Shops and takes 50 rupees for each Shop in rent. These shops divided into all Kabila’s Owners.  The Kabila’s Owner is Owner for these shops and takes all responsibility about these shop also low and orders in all area. Kabyle owner divided these market shops in local people for local business.

If anybody takes Low and owner in our hand then Kabyle owner is responsibility to present this person and hand over to Political people as soon as possible because take decision as low and order. That’s why in Bara all control all crime in 1970 to 1990 local government records is available. These records are showing that locally crimes level less than in 1970 to 1990.

Haji Muhammad shah nominate as Chief Executive for Bara Market in 1975. He is counties his family business for fabric and electronic in Babra Market.

He stat his political care in 1977. He elected as a MNA in small age in a Tahsil Bara 98%, Tahsil Jamroat 55% and Landi cotal 38% N-33 Khaber Agency (Shalman Malagorri to Khohat). It is big population area in Kabyle area. In this time these area divided into a three parts and elected three MNA’s.

Haji Muhammad shah did not participated in last election for BA condition because is an Under Matriculation. The opposition political parties say in area that Haji Muhammad shah is an honest, Nobleman also good working for all people. That’s why opposition cash Haji Muhammad Shah man in all Kabyle area. The opposition political Party say all people to we works as per like Haji Muhammad Shah works please vote us, because Haji Shah Muhammad did not participate in last election as per conditions of BA Degree.

Education Under Matriculation

1960 Tahsil Khyber Agency, Bara - Pakistan

Upcoming Program  
  We are plan to a program for befits of Kabyle people and Khyber Agency others did not working for plan. We will archive this program with truth and with dedications.